Managua Airport Guide

Nicaragua 101
3 November, 2016

For those traveling to Managua’s airport, also known as MGA, here is a quick run down of travel tips when arriving at Nicaragua’s capital.


Once you get off the plane and make your way to immigration have both immigration form and the contact/health form filled out. Both should have been provided to you by the airline crew. Prior to coming down the escalator, you may notice a body temperature scanner to the side, don’t worry it’s quick and just a precaution.

All non-Nicaraguan Citizens are required to pay a $10 USD entrance fee. Be prepared for two main questions:

  • Where are you staying?
  • And why are you in Nicaragua?

Don’t stress or worry. They are just routine questions and immigration officers are nice and eager to get you on your way.

Baggage Claim

Once you pass immigration, you’ll continue on to baggage claim. In baggage claim, you will find a few duty free shops to buy liquor and other goods, make sure to watch your things should you decide to purchase. In addition, you will be greeted by airport staff eager to help you; it is up to you to agree to their assistance for tip; a normal tip is approximately $5 USD.

Staffers may just impose themselves on you and begin helping by grabbing your bag. If you don’t have money to cover this or don’t want the help, give them an assertive “No, gracias” and grab your belongings.

Final Check Post

Once you have all your belonging, they will need to pass by one final scanner. This is a little more complicated, customs is extremely picky on electronics, medicines, and auto repair parts.  If you bring these items your bag they may get flagged and be checked by customs officials. You may want to bring cash just in case this happens.

Good To Know

Should your bag be subject to revision by customs officials, they will check every item. New items that are worth more than $500 USD are subject to tax (20-40%) depending on the item. It’s best to not bring these in their packaging or box to avoid these charges.

If you’re limited in Spanish, here are a few words to know:

  • Surf: Surfear
  • Work: Trabajo
  • No, thank you: No, gracias.
  • How much does it cost?: Cuanto cuesta?


If you were not flagged, you may proceed exiting the airport where you should be greeted family, friends, or tourist guide. If you’re traveling independently, taxis are also available.

Taxis: Negotiate costs prior to getting on. Beware of…

Group pick ups: Group pick ups …

Recommended carrier is Go Abroad Nicaragua (info@goabroadnicaragua)

Golden Travel Tip: The key to traveling to Nicaragua and our best recommendation is to set up your transportation before arriving to Nicaragua. It’s the safest thing to do, it’s not costly, and you won’t come across any issues in regards to payments and delays.

Travel experiences shouldn’t be upset by small confusions or inconveniences. Sticking to the best practices mentioned will ensure getting your travel started on the right foot.

Additional Info:

Recommended sites for group pick-ups: Go Abroad Nicaragua (info@goabroadnicaragua)

For personal pickups:

The information in this Airport Guide is based on information collected and is subject to change without notice. Use it for informational purposes only to help you during your stay. Our team will be updating these posts regularly.

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