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3 November, 2016
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3 November, 2016

Granada, Nicaragua

I’ve always known that Nicaragua is Central America’s hidden treasure. It’s full of culture, natural beauty, and truth be told—we’re the greatest hosts! Nicaraguans are extremely welcoming. We pride ourselves on making people feel at home. So before your next visit, I’d be happy to give you some quick facts that’ll start getting you acquainted with our beautiful haven.

  • Nicaragua was founded in 1524 by Spain with Fernando Hernandez de Cordoba.  
  • Nicaragua went on to declare independence from Spain in 1821 along with various other countries in Central America.
  • It is located between Honduras and Costa Rica and known as the Land of Lakes and Volcanos.
  • Why? Because we really do have some pretty special lakes and volcanoes that you can come visit for yourself. For one, Lake Nicaragua is the largest lake in Central America and the 19th largest in the world. It’s the only lake with 365 lava rock islands. Yes! You read right. It has lava rock islands.
  • You might have heard about the sand boarding, yes, it’s true! Nicaragua also has 19 volcanos that offers the once in a lifetime experiences of sand-boarding down the Cerro Negro Volcano.
  • The local currency is called Cordoba. You can check for updates on valuation to the dollar here.
  • We’re happy to report that Nicaragua is the safest country in Central America. Nicaragua is a country of nature, tourists may enjoy the pacific and Atlantic oceans, many colonial cities, private beaches, perfect surf breaks, great food, cultural traditions and amazing people.
  • Buying a flight ticket to Nicaragua is affordable and a quick 2-hour flight from Miami, and 3-hours from Houston.  
  • Hotel and restaurants here are affordable and though we’re working on service, the food is pretty great. We’re great at steaks! You can get amazing, steaks and lobsters for $10 USD
  • Traveling Nicaragua may be done by private transportation, public buses, taxis, and off course by renting a car. We recommend organizing private transportation, it’s affordable and directions are complicated.
  • When dining a 10% tip and 15%-17% sale tax will be added to your bill. It me recommend a few restaurants prices vary but food is great.
  • El Zaguan located in Granada
  • Tercer Ojo located in Granada
  • Los Ranchos located in Managua
  • Porterhouse located in Managua
  • El timon located in San Juan del Sur
  • Barrio Café located in San Juan del Sur

I also recommend to visit the following cities

  • Granada (Colonial Spanish City)
  • Leon (Colonial Spanish City)
  • San Juan Del Sur (Surf town in the Pacific Coast)
  • Matagalpa (Coffee Region)
  • Esteli (Tobacco Region)  

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