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8 November, 2016

La Santa Maria

By: Antonella Saravia

Long before tourists discovered it, San Juan del Sur was a haven and favorite vacation spot for locals. With a completely innovative and unique, SANTA MARIA SAN JUAN DEL SUR is the first major tourism-focused real estate development project in San Juan del Sur. The project is based on an avant-garde vision equipped with the best consultants to offer consumers the highest quality and most exclusive ‘home away from home’ experience available in the area. The project includes various accommodation options: 5-bedroom signature homes, 4-bedroom villas, penthouses, as well as condo-hotel service. Amenities include: a gourmet plaza, clubhouse, sports area, a children’s pool with play area, parking in basements–all within an exceptionally well kept and designed space.  

Located in a privileged and emblematic area, the project takes place of the historic Hotel Barlovento. Boasting the most spectacular views that San Juan del Sur can offer, the project Santa Maria comes with its own identity and direction of luxury experiences that mark the beginning of a new era for San Juan del Sur.

With an investment of approximately US$40MM in national capital, the project has already begun ground movement and is expected to deliver its first set of homes in the third quarter of 2017. San Juan del Sur has been a favorite to locals and tourists for generations, but a project of this magnitude, both in luxury and infrastructure, is sure to make it a world-class destination.

Thought the hotel portion continues to be negotiated among different chains, the concept will be a condo-hotel. Both apartments and houses will be available for rent equipped with the services of a five-star hotel.

More than 500 people are expected to be hired the construction to be build more than 20,000 square meters that will encompass a series of apartments, villas and houses. Once operating, SANTA MARIA SAN JUAN DEL SUR will generate more than 150 direct and indirect jobs.

With experience in development in both the United States and Costa del Sol, Spain, developer Julio Arguello found himself eager to reapply motivated all he’d learned in Nicaragua. “Our intention to create a world-class encounter that will invite clients, both owners and guests, to the exceptional lifestyle and experience that is possible in San Juan del Sur, placing it on the map as one of the most desirable destinations in the world.”

SANTA MARIA SAN JUAN DEL SUR sits where the legendary Hotel Barlovento did years before. A social spot and star hotel during the 60s, the emblematic venue was a hot spot and vacation haven for society before it ceased operations over 10 years ago. “We have big shoes to fill, but that’s what we’re so excited about,” shares Julio. “We are bringing this beautiful place back life in a whole new way. So please, stay tuned!”

Luxury awaits!

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