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Nicaragua is blessed with some of the most beautiful beaches and white sand bays. It's also considered a top surf spot due to the consistency in the waves and weather conditions. Learn more about the areas where you can tackle the perfect wave.

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One of the best ways to get to know Nicaragua is to hike it. Trails vary in difficulty for all ages and fitness conditions. With a wide selection of Volcanos and Natural Reserves to choose from is part of the fun. Find the perfect trail and guide for you.

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There are a great number of activities to carry out in the great outdoors of beautiful Nicaragua. Nicaragua has a growing golf community with new courses. Check our post on Central American Golfing.

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Nicaragua could be the hottest billfish destination in Central America and the most interesting destination for river and lake fishing read why?

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Nicaraguan cigars to be the closest to the classic Cuban profile in body, cool aroma and full of flavor. Tops cigars from Nicaragua mostly remain within the top 10 best cigars in the world. Check out our tips on visiting a cigar plantation and where to go.

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