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Managua Airport Guide

Explore Nicaragua

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Nicaragua is blessed with some of the most beautiful beaches and white sand bays. It's also considered a top surf spot due to the consistency in the waves and weather conditions. Learn more about the areas where you can tackle the perfect wave.

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One of the best ways to get to know Nicaragua is to hike it. Trails vary in difficulty for all ages and fitness conditions. With a wide selection of Volcanos and Natural Reserves to choose from is part of the fun. Find the perfect trail and guide for you.

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There are a great number of activities to carry out in the great outdoors of beautiful Nicaragua. If you are interested in more than a day tour and you want to set up camp, there are places and groups to help you do that. Check out approved camping spots!

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Easy access, good wind conditions, consistent weather--what else do you need to get your feet in these waters? Take a look at our list of waterfalls, lakes, and beaches. Trust us, paradise is here.

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