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8 November, 2016
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By: Lorenzo Arevalo

Managua has rapidly become an important destination for the Central American business community, with record breaking tourist entries and new business opportunities Hotel InterContinental Managua has taken action by investing 8 million dollars to better accommodate the business community and their guests.

Hotel InterContinental Managua is the only full service 5 star hotel in Managua, Cacique Network had the opportunity to ask Eugenio Cortez, Director of Sales and Marketing about the renovation.

CN: What is new for 2017?

EC: We are part of a group of 22 hotels in Central and South America owned by the Poma Family in El Salvador. Our goal is to appropriately attend the business community with our full service 5 star hotel. We offer first class amenities, excellent location, high speed internet, 157 accommodations and three on site restaurants. 2017 is a special year for us, we are remodeling our accommodations, executive level club lounge, lobby area, pool and outdoor terrace. All rooms with be updated to a modern look, marble floors, white walls, new furniture, 48 inch smart TVs, 70mb of high speed internet, additional outlets and high pressure showers. Our new executive club level will include new sofas, bar area and live cooking. Our new lobby will include more meeting space and community tables for our business executives. Our outdoor terrace will have a 4mt deck, roofed, open air, ceiling fans, new furniture, new garden areas, new pool design, outdoor bar, and a new restaurant called The Market

CN: What is the concept of The Market?

EC: We are very excited about this new concept every guest can customize their meal. It is an add on concept, for example if you would like to eat pasta, you can choose the type of pasta, sauce, ingredients, and protein.

 CN: What are the three on site restaurants and their specialty?

EC: Our three on site restaurants are Factory Steak and Lobster, Nau Lounge and Voltes. I recommend The Salmon Carpaccio, Rib eye, or Lobster Tails at Factory Steak and Lobster, at Nau Lounge I recommend to have our sushi and our cocktails. I also highly recommend to order Flor de Caña centenario rum 18 years on the rocks. Voltes is a buffet style restaurant we have a new theme every day for example Monday is international cuisine, Tuesday is Mexican cuisine, Wednesday is Italian cuisine, Thursday is Seafood and Friday is Meats.

CN: What is the average cost per meal of each restaurant

EC:  Factory Steak and Lobster is $17 plus tax

Nau Lounge is $13 plus tax

Volte is $15 plus tax

CN: What are the hotel rates?

EC: We cater to the business community Monday-Friday rates are between $170-$210 and weekend rates are between $99.00 (plus tax 17%)

CN: Is there any tips on getting a better rate?

EC: We have a program called Book Early and Save, if you book three weeks or more before your arrival date you will receive a discounted price for your stay.

CN: Is there any tips on getting a room upgrade?

EC: I recommend always to ask at receptionist about upgrade possibilities, we have great prices for our guests that choice to upgrade. Ask questions and information about our different packages you might get an affordable upgrade, for example if you upgrade from a standard room to an executive room you get free hors d’oeuvre and drinks from 6pm-8pm at the executive floor.

CN: What affiliate programs does the hotel offer?

EC: We have a reward program called IHG Reward Club this programs lets guests accumulate points and achieve different status levels we also have a paid program called Executive Pass which gives the card holder discounts at our restaurants and bar.

CN: Is there any additional discounts or affiliate programs guest can use?

EC: On Thursdays with Banco Fichosa credit card in Factory Steak and Lobster you get a 40% discount accredited back to your card. Special requests such as tours, transportation, restaurants, events, use our concierge they get the best rates for our guest, for example if you get a taxi on the streets to the airport it may cost you $40 usd however if you get a transportation with the hotel it can cost only $15 usd.

CN: Is there any recommendation on tipping hotel employees?  

EC: At Hotel InterContinental tipping is not obligatory, we are happy to serve our guests, the basic tip would be $5 usd for room service and $10 usd per day for general hotel staff. Please note that it is better to leave the tip at check out.

CN: Last comments for our readers?

EC: We are very excited about the new renovations and we would like to host future travelers to Nicaragua. We have created new environments that make Hotel InterContinental “The Place to Be” for locals and tourist. We hope to serve Cacique Network readers very soon.

Cacique Tips

  • Book your stay at least three weeks in advance to get the best rate
  • Sign up for the IHG Reward Program to get loyalty points and status
  • Upon check in always ask for the upgrade options
  • If possible upgrade to an executive room to take advantage of the free odours and drinks from 6:00pm to 8:00pm
  • If you are a frequent diner at this hotel get the Executive Pass (Major Discounts)
  • At Factory Steak and Lobster order the Salmon Capriccio, Rib eye or Lobster tail
  • At Nau Lounge take advantage of the After Office Happy Hour 6:00pm to 8:00pm 40% off the bar menu
  • Live Music at the terrace Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from 6:00pm to 11:00pm
  • Save money by booking transportation with the Hotel.

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