6 Amazing Lakes in Latin America updated 2017

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12 June, 2017
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6 Amazing Lakes in Latin America 2017


1. Lake Atitlan

Lake Atitlan is one of the most beautiful places in Guatemala and without fear of seeming exaggerated, from all of Central America. It is a lake of volcanic origin that today is surrounded by villages of all kinds.


2. Lake Nicaragua

Lake Nicaragua or Lake Cocibolca is the largest lake in Central America and one of the largest in the world, with an area of ​​8,200 km. It measures 177 long and its waters are 31 meters above sea level. Cocibolca Lake is very rich of tropical fauna and flora, in its waters is the only species of freshwater shark.


3. Lake Viedma

Lake Viedma is the Longest lake formed by glaciers. This immense lake is azure blue. It has the quality of not going too far into the mountain range, besides not having ramifications.It is located in the province of Santa Cruz on the extreme southeast of the Argentine Republic.


4. Colorado Lagoon

The Colorado lagoon is a lagoon within the National Reserve of Andean Fauna Eduardo Abaroa, in the Potosí highlands near the border with Chile. The red coloration of its waters is due to sediments of the red color and pigments of some types of algae.


5. Lake Peten Itza

Lake Petén Itzá, in the department of Petén, has an area of ​​99 km² which makes it the third largest lake in Guatemala, after the lakes of Izabal and Atitlán. The name Itzá means “Witch of the Water”. The maximum depth is 160 m.


6. Lake Titicaca

The Titicaca is the highest and navigable lake in the world, this Natural Heritage of Peru is located in the Puno region and is shared with the neighboring country of Bolivia. The islands that inhabit this majestic place are Taquile, Amantaní and Uros, the same ones that maintain prevailing traditions and pre Columbian customs


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