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By: Lorenzo Arevalo

We had the exclusive opportunity to interview Jesus Eduardo Gonzalez Miranda, Golf Pro at Nejapa Country Club, Nicaragua.

Jesus Eduardo Gonazlez  is from Caracas, Venezuela and played for 5 years in the PGA Venezuela Tour at age 22 he became a Golf Pro at Caracas Country Club, in 2006 he moved to Nicaragua where he is currently the Pro Golfer at Nejapa Country Club.

CN: What changes have you seen since 2006?

JEG: In my earlier years here at Nejapa Country Club I noticed that the game was more of a social event, not a competitive sport, however today we have many more golf enthusiasts, prepared players that show discipline, honesty and competitiveness.

CN: What are the levels of performance by country?

JEG: 1.Guatemala 2.Costa Rica and tied for 3rd place is Panama and Nicaragua

CN: Which countries offer the best overall courses?

JEG: 1.Guatemala 2.Panama 3.Costa Rica 4.Nicaragua

CN: In your opinion what is the best golf course in Central America?

JEG: For me Nejapa Country Club is the best course, designed by John Elliot the course and greens are maintain exceptionally well, it has unique ball positions, long fairways (7,000 yards in total) and wind conditions. This design makes it difficult to result with a great score.

Website: https://www.nejapacountryclub.com/

I also recommend Black Pearl in Roatan Honduras designed by Pete Dye it is a beautiful course with amazing mountain and ocean views

Website: https://www.pristinebayresort.com/golf/

CN: Which hole is considered the most difficult at Nejapa Country Club?

JEG: Our research and statistic shows hole number 9 from the blue tees is the most difficult.

CN: What is the green fee at Nejapa Country Club?

JEG: $105USD + 15% sales tax, this includes 18 hole green fee, golf cart, and practice balls. Caddies have a cost of $15USD.

CN: What are your thoughts on other course in Nicaragua?

JEG: Guacalito de la Isla is a beautiful and great course, with wide fairways which makes it a friendly course, Gran Pacific has an exceptional design however is a 9 hole course. I believe Gran Pacific originally was intended to have 45 holes. Iguana is an interesting and affordable 9 hole course in the pacific coast of Nicaragua.





CN: What are the advantages of playing in Nicaragua?

JEG: Great prices, tee time availability, safety, great weather, and unique courses.

CN: If you can recommend one course in each Central American Country which one would it be?


In EL Salvador – Club Salvadoreño

In Honduras – Black Pearl https://www.pristinebayresort.com/golf/

In Guatemala – La Reunión http://www.lareunion.com.gt/golf-en.html

In Costa Rica – Conchal o Four Seasons http://www.fourseasons.com/costarica/services_and_amenities/golf/course/

In Panama – Club de Golf de Panama http://clubdegolfdepanama.com/

In Nicaragua – Nejapa Country Club https://www.nejapacountryclub.com/

CN: Which are the most important golf tournaments played in Central America?

JEG: PGA Latino Americano, Guatemala Open, and Latin American Championship

CN: Do you have any tips for Central American Players?

JEG: If you are an active member at your local country o golf club most likely your club has agreements where you can play for free at other courses within the region. Remember to ask your club about those agreements and to request your tee time also a letter stating you are an active member will be needed.

CN: How can a reader schedule or request a tee time in Nicaragua?

JEG: I encourage and personally invite your readers to visit Nicaragua and play our courses especially Nejapa Country Club, they can contact me personally at 8421.5252 (Eduardo Gonzalez) or send an email to Cacique Network info@caciquenetwork.com


Cacique Network can help set up transportation, and tee time for all courses in Nicaragua.

We hope this article is helpful for all interested golfers thinking to travel to Nicaragua.

Email: Lorenzo@caciquenetwork.com



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