6 things to do when visiting Granada, Nicaragua

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6 June, 2017
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6 things to do during your visit to Granada, Nicaragua 

Kathy´s Waffle House

Breakfast at Kathy´s Waffle House 

Start your day with one of the most famouse breakfast restaurants in Nicaragua. Located in Granada, Nicaragua, Kathys Waffle House has been serving breakfast of champions to locals and tourists alike. From oatmeal omelets to french toast and pancakes, we literally cannot decide what to pick! Also, a huge plus: while eating your delicious breakfast you can chose their patio seating which has a spectacular view to the Convento San Francisco.

Horse Carriage in front of Lake Nicaragua

A City Tour by Horse Carriage

A must-do activity when visiting Granada is have a joyful ride in one of their own quaint carriages. You will find a dozen of them parked beside Granada‘s central park. You pay the rider fifty cordobas and he takes you on a once in a lifetime sight seeing tour of this colonial city. During this ride, as you hear the horseshoes quitely galloping a top the cobblestone streets, I assure you, your imagination will take you back right to the 1920‘s

Local dish from Granada, located in the Central Park

Trying the local dish called Vigoron 

One of Nicaragua‘s most famous typical dish is the Vigoron, and Granada happens to be the home of one of the best in the country. After you hop off your carriage ride besides Granadas Central Park, walk towards the center of the park and ask anyone nearby where is ‘La Gata‘s Vigoron‘. Anyone and everyone in Granada will immediately guide you to a small food stand infront of the majestic Cathedral of Granada. A happy faced woman with light green eyes will welcome you, La Gata. She is the expert in preparing the best Vigoron you will ever taste. Vigoron is a combination of Yuca, Chicharron, Repollo Salad, and Congo Chiles. Accompany this typical dish with a glass of iced Cacao. A very important tip: Watch out for those congo chiles, they might look innocent but they’re fiery hot.

Cathedral of Granada

Church Sight-Seeing

Nicaragua‘s most beautiful churches lie in Granada City. They are really close to each other so it‘s really an appealing activity to make on foot. Don‘t, by al means, don‘t forget to bring your camera! The colonial architecture of these churches remains untouched by modern times and it really a sight to behold. The main churches and cathedrals in Granada are: Xalteva, Catedral de Granada, Iglesia Maria Auxiliadora, Iglesia La Merced.

365 rock islands formed from Mombacho Volcano´s eruption

A Boat Tour of Las Isletas

One of the many wonders Nicaragua has to offer are the isletas of Granada. They are 365 small, medium to large islets sparced throughout Lake Cocibolca. The isletas of Granada are a product of an avalanche of mud and lava from the Mombacho Volcano bordering Lake Cocibolca. Most of the isletas are inhabitated by locals, restaurants, hotels or tourist attractions. You may head directly to Puerto Asese and rent a small boat with a local captain who will give you an amazing tour of this beauty of nature. Activities like jet skiing, wake boarding and fishing are very common here.

Calle La Calzada

Dining at Calle La Calzada

After a hot summer day of sight seeing and picture taking we saved the best for last. Head to Calle La Calzada which is the main pedestrian street in Granada. There, I assure you you will find anything to suit your tastes. From quaint bars, to high end restaurants; La Calzada is filled with attractions. If you are in the mood for beer and wings, walk down to RoadHouse Bar and Grill, they are famous for their wings and burgers. If you are in the mood for a more high end dinner you can go to El Zaguan and enjoy a candle lit delicious meal. Dont forget desert! Walk right to Kiss Me artisan ice creams, the perfect cherry on top for a perfect day.

Article by Stephanie Lacayo


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